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We believe in education beyond the walls. Meeting them where they are and creating a fun, safe and supportive learning atmosphere that fosters creativity, self awareness & confidence in a community supportive learning space is our mission. 

Education Re-Imagined

Here at Re-Imagine Communities, we are driven to do our part in helping improve literacy in our students. Since 2020, we have been working in collaboration with local schools, partner organizations, businesses and local governments to improve literacy and racial equality in elementary education.

We have taken part in a wide range of activities that empower students and communities to work together in the fight to improve literacy. We help create unique learning opportunities for students in marginalized neighborhoods and communities of color to help bridge the educational gap and improve literacy rates. Through our efforts, we hope to end intergenerational poverty, close the achievement gap, and reduce high school dropout rates.  That to us, is Education Re-imagined....Are you ready to join us and help create real change?


Our Communities Re-imagined

Our primary focus is centered on making a positive impact within our community. We firmly believe in the power of collective efforts and strive to address the needs and challenges faced by our community members. By fostering collaboration and engagement, we aim to create sustainable solutions that uplift individuals and enhance the overall well-being of the community. Through our unwavering commitment, we aspire to create a thriving community where everyone has equal opportunities to grow, succeed, and lead fulfilling lives. Below are a few of the areas we are focused on.


Teacher reading a book with a class of preschool children_edited.jpg

Our Impact

"My son Kyle has been attending the monthly reading sessions since they started. He has made friends and taken a major interest in trying to read more at only 3 years old!!! Definitely one of the best experiences we have had in the area, and we cannot wait to keep going back for more......" Sherry Pelfrey 

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