Our Reimagine Club Connection is a hybrid club experience with fun engaging educational activities  that will keep students involved throughout the school year. Our clubs will also help students make friends and practice social skills with both adults and peers. Our clubs will help foster feelings of competence and pride to boost kids' confidence and self-esteem.Our clubs allow students to be creative and allows them to explore new hobbies and activities. Students will also get volunteer opportunities, develop leadership skills, problem-solving skills, setting and achieving goals, working in teams, and communication skills. Click on the pictures below to join a club!!

Kids Reading Book in Park

AoK Reading Club (Ages 4-7)

Our Aok Reading club is all about taking a journey of reading. Students will engage in fun reading activities that will keep them reading while engaging in fun and exciting activities. Only 50 students will be accepted

Cute Kids Posing Against Wall

Kreative Kids Corner(Ages 7-12)

Kreative Kids Club encourages students to positively express themselves through personal projects and service activities. Lets Get KREATIVE!!!


iPromise Gardens movement is more than a gardening club. It gardening with a purpose. In this club students will learn new and fun gardening techniques. They will have access to free gardening materials and live trainings.