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What We Do

Community Outreach

We value our partnerships and enjoy giving back to the community we love. KKC & K2 teaches students how to get involved in making a positive impact in their communities. 


Literacy is our focus. We host virtual & in person reading events that helps elementary students gain confidence in reading, grow their personal in-home libraries, and enhance social and emotional skills while having fun. 


Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We partner with local schools to give students unique opportunities to give back while gaining community service hours. We also partner with local businesses and other community organizations to lend a hand and help create the community we would love to see. 

Our Programs

Re-imagine Communities is a 501(3)(c) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to raising the literacy levels of students in low income and marginalized areas, through mentoring, live reading sessions, literacy competitions, collaborative literacy projects and community library programs.

We believe that the community plays a crucial role in the educational process of our students. Therefore, we created a community focused learning model, with collaborations of local schools, municipalities, businesses and other community organizations.  Thus, bridging the gap in the equity and quality of education in students from low-income areas.  

A collaborative community effort to promote literacy in elementary school students.

A literacy program that focuses on the social and emotional development of elementary students.

A program that promotes and encourages students to positively creatively express themselves. 

Gardening movement that encourages the community to stand up against bullying and discrimination by taking a pledge to plant seeds of positivity in our community. 

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